The five fingers project 11th March, 2017

          The village weavers had the opportunity of being part of the five fingers project; an art
          exhibition showcasing women in Art and Craft. The event was held at the Thought Pyramid art gallery,
          Abuja and we had so many people attend the event. It was a very successful day for the women as we made
          a lot of sales, got contacts of people who wanted to buy the mats but could not get it that day.
          We really can not wait! for the next event


          Meeting with the Women 17th January 2017

          The village weavers’ team had its first meeting with the women for the year 2017 on the 17th of January.

          During the meeting, the women were asked if the money they get from sales helps them a lot and what
          they use it for. We were happy to hear that the money they get helps them in feeding and paying their children's school fees.
          At the end of the meeting the women were advised to also learn to save the money they get from sales of mats.


          British village and Berger Christmas Bazaar

          On the 26th of November 2016, the village weavers team attended two events; British fayre at the
          British village and Berger Christmas Bazaar at Berger. We are happy to say both events turned out
          to be very successful as we made a lot of sales!. We can't wait to attend both event again next year!!


          The American International school fall Bazaar

          On Saturday, 12th November, the village weavers team attended the American International school fall Bazaar
          We had a lot of people come to our stand to buy the beautiful rugs We also gave out our fliers and information
          of our different sales outlets to customers and visitors


          Monthly meeting with village weavers network
          women 26/10/2016

          The Midel corporate social responsibility team paid the women of the village weavers network its monthly
          visit to let them know of the sales made from mats, give them money from mats sold and distribute pieces of fabrics
          which will help them in making more beautiful mats for our up and coming events

          French Bazaar 14/05/2016

          The village weavers network team attended the French Bazaar at the French school on 14th May.
          We had a lot of visitors and customers come to our stand to buy the beautiful rugs. We also got a lot
          of positive comments on what the village weavers network is doing. The event was a big success
          and we look forward to to the next bazaar

          Village Weavers Network Team

          Village Weavers network team – took a stand at International Friendship and cultural festival at
          Turkish Nile University, this was our first time exhibiting at this venue, we welcomed a mix of visitors and
          other exhibitors…. It was a lovely day and we managed to sell a number of rugs.
          (16/04/2016) We look forward to attending again next year!

          The Midel Group's Corporate Social Responsibility

          The Midel Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, paid the  women of the Village weavers
          network its monthly visit to collect more rugs to restock at the different
          sales outlets in Abuja.

          Regent Secondary School Fun Fair -
          Saturday 6th/02 2016

          The fair saw a steady flow of visitors from the very young to the older generation, Our stand attracted
          a lot of interest, we sold a number of rugs, more than we have sold
          at previous fairs. 
          We were able to give out a lot of fliers to people interested in the rugs that hadn't heard
          about us before so that was good.. All in All a very successful day!


          ICS International day  and fair 28/11/2015

          The village weavers Network in partnership with Midel Group were invited to International Community School (ICS) and Fair.
          The Village weavers demonstrated how the mats are made to the  school and the students as well as visitors to the fair had the opportunity to buy some of the beautiful and colorful mats, just in time for Christmas  presents


          Report on the new village weavers’ old and new loom 17/09/2015

          To standardize the production of the mats made by the village weavers and make all mats
          the exact same size, we came up with an idea of creating a new metal loom.
          The old wooden loom used by the women made the mats cave inwards in the middle
          (picture below) and didn’t give it the straight outline required. 


          September, 17th, a meeting was set up by 1pm with the women at their collection point to
          introduce the new loom and also ask for their opinion. 

          The women were happy and excited about the prospect of using this new loom
          and contributed to the design by asking that the spacing of the nails on the loom should be increased.
          They also said that the nail-heads should not be removed so it would be
          easier to put the thread on.

          Our  Architect –Jimmy ( who designed the loom)  said he will make the changes  requested and that the first loom was an experimental design made for the women to perfect.


          BLOG POST August 22, 2014

          The African Rug that made it to Bangladesh and Back!

        • partnership

        • Private Partnerships a Lifesaver in our Rug Business

          The Village Weavers Network is a small social enterprise that aims to empower underprivileged women through artisanal rug weaving.
          Our business is still in the “small-scale” phase majorly relying on arts and crafts fairs as at schools (such as the recently concluded fun day at
          the Regent International School in Abuja) and sometimes at the American embassy in Abuja and local cafes and restaurants like Salamander Café and .
          It is always wonderful to have the support of the international community especially as it concerns women and women empowerment.

        image17 (1)

        Village Weavers at the Fair

        Fairs are one of the ways we sell our rugs. We depend on arts and crafts days to sell to a
        wide range of customers. Over the last couple months, we’ve been attending more fairs because most schools are winding down as
        their semester come to an end. Etinosa one of our volunteers helped out during the June French Bazaar at the French
        International School. Read on to find out what she thought….


        Upcycling the way forward

        I like the word “upcycling” because it doesn’t quite have the “used” ring to it. Upcycling sounds cool and trendy and it is. I remember going to a boutique store and seeing a 100 dollar price tag on a dress sewn from used fabric- I thought to myself, now,that is upcycling. In a way, that is what we do at the Village Weavers Project. We turn discarded/ left over fabric material from tailors and “upcycle” them into beautifully woven rugs for sale. People generally marvel at the innovative concept behind our rugs as well as the colour coordination and variation.